Kevin Connolly Gets Pissed After Car's Towed in Parking Tiff with Florist

“Entourage” star Kevin Connolly put the E in “eruption” after his car got towed at a flower shop … and the store’s banning him after the blow-up.

The manager of Nicolai Bergmann Flowers & Design in L.A. tells TMZ … there’s a podcast studio next to the shop, and they claim Kevin’s frequently parked his Tesla in their parking lot … presumably while recording podcasts.

On Tuesday, the manager says the shop had enough — after having left multiple notes on Kevin’s car about jacking their parking — so after it had been there more than an hour … they called a tow truck.

Kev’s car alarm was sounding as the tow truck left with his baby.

Shortly afterward, Kevin entered the flower shop — captured on security camera — and appeared to grow increasingly irritated while speaking to the staff.

We’re told he asked where his car was and was told to call the towing company … and that’s when you see him getting really upset. Kevin appears to yell at someone as he’s walking out, then delivers a couple of swift kicks to items near the exit.

The shop manager says the business is closing soon, but regardless … Kevin is not allowed to come back to the store while it remains open.

We’re told no one called cops — no blood, no foul. As for Kevin’s Tesla? We reached out to his rep, but no word back so far. It’s a pain in the ass, for sure, but we’ll bet he’s got it back by now.

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