Khaotic Backs Erica Banks Amid Feud With Amy Luciani

After reportedly stating that he wants ‘a polyester relationship’ with Erica and Amy, the ‘Appreciate Me’ rapper publicly shows that he chooses the ‘Buss It’ singer over the ‘Bag Lady’ singer.

AceShowbizKhaotic has publicly shown that he is on Erica Banks‘ side. Amid feud between Erica and Amy Luciani, the “Appreciate Me” rapper did not hold back to say that he chose the “Buss It” singer over the “Bag Lady” singer.

On Wednesday, July 26, Khaotic wrote in a comment via Instagram, “Erica appreciates me n u Still Sneaking Round Wit Ya Ex Fiance So don’t get mad dat u fumbled da bag just make sure ur fiance has something 2 bring 2 ur table other den a appetite. n Erica wore it better dats why i pul yall n da same outfits n hair.”

Khaotic’s comment comes after Amy said that she doesn’t want him and that he’s for “everybody.” Along with pictures of her and Erica wearing the same wig and same ensemble side-by-side, Amy stated, “Last time imma speak on this. I do NOT want Khaotic. I told him he fa everybody that’s when he reached down and grabbed for Erica. I bowed out the situation. Erica just commented that I’m delusional.”

“As you see he bought her my same wig but she extended her baby hair,” she continued. “He put her in the exact same outfit as me 3 weeks later and boom – she became Delusional. I personally think they look cute together. Let them be happy. Now check that ! Big booty Phaedra voice.”

Erica also fired back at Amy in a comment underneath the latter’s lengthy post. In an Instagram comment, she wrote, “My baby hairs are bigger than her career [a slew of smiling face with tears of joy emojis]. If she would just relax them strong a** shoulders and breathe out she wouldn’t be so tight. She just needs a nap.”

In response to Erica’s claim, Khaotic replied, “[Two smiling face with tears of joy emojis] She need some silk milk.”

Before the feud, Khaotic stated that he wants a “polyester relationship with Amy and Erica.” He appeared to be referring to a polyamorous dynamic with the two.

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