Kim Kardashian’s Refrigerator Tour Video Confirms Just How Rich She Is

The internet was seriously stressed over Kim Kardashian’s empty fridge after she posted a photo of it on Jan. 8 showing nothing but milk inside. But don’t worry, the Kardashian household isn’t going hungry y’all. Kardashian clarified a few things later that day when she revealed on her Instagram story that she actually has many fridges. Kim Kardashian’s refrigerator tour video will leave you baffled.

I don’t know about you, but I have one fridge in my house. Then again, I’m not a Kardashian. During her refrigerator tour, Kardashian revealed she has a whopping five refrigerators under her roof…no biggie.

Make no mistake: Kardashian and Kanye West’s kids are not living off takeout. She also showed off her multiple pantries stocked to the brim with food. And in her main fridge, which is essentially a massive walk-in room, Kardashian has a seemingly endless supply of nutritious veggies, fruits, and organic leafy greens. Basically, Kardashian has the opposite problem of what the internet initially feared.

She also explained in her video that the nearly empty fridge that her fans freaked over was just her "drink fridge." ICYMI: here’s the photo that initially sent Twitter into a meltdown:

And here’s the reality of Kim K’s fridge situation:

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Refrigerator Tour!

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"Ok, so, since the inside of my fridge is so baffling and I saw all these news reports, I’m going to give you guys a tour of my fridge," Kardashian explained in the video.

The best stop of the home tour was undoubtedly when Kardashian showed off her personal frozen yogurt machine and the surplus of sprinkles she keeps on hand for sundaes. Kimmie had at least 20 different types of sprinkles on display and TBH, I’ve never had kitchen fomo until now.

Like the eco-friendly queen she is, Kardashian used the video to announce she would be eating plant-based tacos for dinner, as well as that she’s been planting vegetables on her property in order to eat more sustainably.

Something tells me Kardashian is now going to get flack for having an excessively-stocked fridge, but, hey, as a member of the Kar-Jenner family, you can’t please everyone. In the meantime, I’ll be over here eating ramen noodles.

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