Kris Jenner Definitely Has a Favorite Daughter, According to Khloé Kardashian

There’s no question that Kris Jenner loves all of her kids equally, but there’s one who she favors more than the others.

During a recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloé Kardashian spilled the tea on which one of her siblings Jenner considers the apple of her eye and honestly, we’re not surprised with her answer.

Kardashian’s impersonation of Jenner was spot on

Kardashian is known for putting family members on blast and her latest trolling moment was some of her best work yet.

During the Season 17 finale of KUWTK, the KarJenner’s decided to have a little fun together by impersonate each other.

While the reality stars did an amazing job expertly embodying one another, no one did a better caricature than the Good American founder.

For this special “team-building activity,” the reality star chose to fully embody the essence of her momager and boy, did she do just that.

Kardashian dressed in head to toe Jenner fashion—replicating the matriarch’s iconic Versace outfit and topping the look off with a pixie shag hairdo.

While Kardashian got Jenner’s look down to a T, she also did the same with the momager’s personality.

Aside from pretending to be the ultimate boss of the family, Kardashian also made a few jokes that put her mom on the spot. One of which even revealed which daughter Jenner considers her favorite.

“Kylie, you can sit next to me because you’re my favorite,” the reality star told Kourtney Kardashian’s daughter, Penelope, who was dressed up as the makeup mogul.

Kardashian went on to share the reason why Kylie Cosmetics CEO is her mother’s favorite child. “I have my Kylie, my billion-dollar baby, and she will always be the dearest to my heart for a billion reasons,” she shared.

The makeup mogul’s fortune has been the talk of her family

Though Kylie Jenner skipped out on this bonding event, the family did a great job at making it seem like she was right there with them.

During the episode, fans watched as Kendall Jenner and Penelope Disick expertly impersonated the makeup mogul and were so convincing that some of us had to do a double take.

While dressed in a pink wig and showing off her plump lips, the supermodel hilariously trolled her younger sister by poking fun at Kylie’s beauty skills.

Penelope Disick even had some fun embodying Auntie Kylie by bringing up her billionaire status.

“I can buy Kim and Kourtney because I have that much money,” the 7-year-old said while wearing a blue wig and dark lipstick.

Back in March, Jenner was named the the youngest self-made billionaire as a result of the success of her company, Kylie Cosmetics.

Ever since then, the family—especially the KarJenner sisters— have enjoyed poking fun at Jenner’s financial status, which she recently revealed.

“When we’re in a group chat talking about where we should go for a trip, they’re like, ‘Kylie? You going to pay for it?’” the reality star said during an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show back in September. “Just stuff like that.”

While they constantly joke about Jenner being the richest in the family, she confessed that it’s all in good fun and nothing her sisters say come across as malicious.

“They just joke with me, just sister love,” the makeup mogul adds. “They’re all really proud of me, for sure.”

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