Lala Kent DRAGS Raquel Leviss For Sending Legal Letter To Her Directly: ‘That’s Why We Have Counsel, K?’

Lala Kent has thoughts on Raquel Leviss’ legal action.

As the Tom Sandoval cheating scandal continues to unfold before our very eyes, you may remember that Raquel and her newly hired PR team were said to be hard at work brainstorming ways to save face — and apparently landed on the idea of attempting to make her look like a victim of all the madness.

As a refresher, Ariana Madix found out about Tom’s infidelity by discovering an intimate screen recording of the 28-year-old mistress on his phone. Once Raquel got wind of this, her lawyer sent out an official letter to “several” fellow cast members, warning that the recording had been taken “illegally without Raquel’s knowledge or consent,” ordering it to be deleted by anyone who may be in possession. They specifically cited California’s penal code prohibiting the distribution of adult material without the involved participant’s consent.

Well, it would appear Lala was one of the recipients of the letter, and she’s not too pleased that it came to HER “personal email,” rather than her lawyer’s…

In a since-deleted Instagram Stories video, the 32-year-old spoke directly to Raquel:

“Raquel, tell your little Mickey Mouse lawyer that if he has stuff to send over, he can send things to my lawyer, same with the rest of my friends and cast alright?”

She then took a shot at her co-star, taunting that her “15 minutes” of fame are over:

“I don’t know if you know how this works. I know you’re pretty brand new to the game — didn’t last long — look what you did with your f**king 15 minutes.”

She continued:

“That’s why we have counsel, K? I don’t wanna deal! I have a life going on, I got a little baby to take care of. I don’t wanna see that in the morning, I don’t wanna see that ever! Send it to !”

Darrell, of course, is her lawyer, according to Page Six.

The mother of one has not shied away from publicly voicing her disapproval of Tom and Raquel’s affair, warning her Friday to “get some energy for me,” indicating the next time she sees Raquel, she won’t be holding back.

Then, after it was claimed that Raquel isn’t “even slightly sorry,” and is just playing victim to look better publicly, Lala added:

“I saw something on Deux Moi about Raquel’s PR strategy. The strategy is to pretty much lean in to, like, save your image. We gotta lean back into the fact that you’re done. All right. You’re just dumb. You’re the victim. Lean in on that now that it’s convenient. OK? For so long, I’ve been saying that she ain’t got a lot upstairs, and everyone’s like, ‘she’s so sweet.’ And she sits there and goes, ‘I’m not dumb, Lala! I went to college.’ But now that all hell has broken loose and she’s lit herself on fire, she wants to lean in on ‘I’m dumb, everyone else filled my head, I’m the victim.’ It’s not gonna work. It is not going to work!”

We can’t wait to see the two exchange words once the extra episodes ordered for season 10 air, and the eventual reunion show.

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