Larissa Lima Reveals Debilitating Mental Health Struggles

Right on the heels of sharing how a crazed stalker tried to ruin her life, Larissa Lima is opening up to fans on another sensitive topic: mental health.

In addition to sharing how anxiety and depression are impacting her life, she explains why past treatments have always failed.

“Hi guys!” Larissa begins. “I know I have not been posting as often as I normally do.”

Her acknowledgement continues: “Or interacting with some of you as I had before.”

It’s because, just as you suspected, she hates you. Kidding!

“For this, I apologize,” Larissa expresses, “and I would like to explain why.”

“As many of you know,” Larissa writes, “I have depression and anxiety.”

She explains that this is a pernicious combination of mental illnesses, a combination “which is often debilitating for me.”

Larissa reveals: “I’m currently battling bouts of depression and severe anxiety.”

This is not her first mental health battle. But this time, things aren’t quite the same.

“This time it is different,” Larissa explains, “because I cannot stop taking my medication because I ‘feel good.'”

She notes: “I have been questioned about why I go on and off meds when it has been a life long struggle.”

“And that is a fair question,” Larissa freely admits.

“The answer,” she reveals, “is that I have been wrong in knowing I know what to do for myself in this regard.”

That is an extremely difficult admission to make, but also an important one. 

“I am again on a path of treatment and therapy,” Larissa announces.

“As of today,” she shares, “it will be approximately six weeks before I see the positive results.”

Larissa made this (now-deleted) post to Instagram over the weekend. It takes weeks for anti-depressants to build up in your system enough to help.

“Words can’t express how sad I feel when I want to post and reach out to my IG family,” Larissa laments.

She adds: “But I’m unable [to at] the moment.”

On a business note, Larissa does clarify: “I’m always available for cameos.”

“It gives me such happiness,” she concludes, “to give a person a direct message from a loved one.”

As we mentioned, Larissa later deleted the post. Sometimes, posts on social media are meant to be ephemeral. 

Even so, this was a very good post to read in two ways.

First of all, it’s courageous of her to share her struggles on her mental health journey with fans, especially knowing that some people just hate her.

Second of all, this is a great reminder to others who may be struggling that they are not alone.

Anxiety and depression often coincide in the same people, though they can be very different.

For example, this time of year, many people with depression fare for the worse due to less sunlight. This is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder.

In contrast, people with anxiety disorders often find that excessive light makes their anxiety worse.

Those of us who only have anxiety disorders but not depression can only imagine how difficult it is to grapple with these contradictory struggles.

While medication may help Larissa to treat both anxiety and depression, some fans have speculated about the root cause.

Both mental health struggles can be inborn — simply who people are, particularly because of inherited traits, childhoods, or both.

But some of Larissa’s fans cannot help but wonder if both her anxiety and depression have been made worse by something else — PTSD.

After the difficulties and real horrors that she experienced during her marriage, could Larissa be suffering from PTSD?

We don’t know, and we can’t know — that is a diagnosis that no one could make without meeting and speaking to Laissa. We wish her the best.

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