LeBron James Rips Tremendous Fart on Video, Give Us the Pulitzer!

Here’s LeBron James tearing such a ferocious fart in an Oklahoma City parking lot … it made Chris Matthews‘ coffee mug blush.

There’s a story here …

LeBron and Chris Paul were leaving Mohagany Prime Steakhouse in Oklahoma City on Thursday night (one day before the Lakers played the Thunder) … when a couple of young fans spotted the stars in the parking lot.

The fans shouted out to the NBA superstars hoping to get an autograph (they were shut down) … but they got something better.

Bron — wearing sweatpants — stopped in his tracks, lifted his left leg, and blasted out an ass honk so loud, you could hear it across the parking lot.

Notice, if you will, the increase in volume and intensity as he tries to clear it out before getting inside his waiting SUV.

Not only did the fans crack up laughing (because farts are hilarious) but you can hear the guys in the car give Bron some crap for trailing it into the car.

C’mon bro … don’t hotbox the ride!!!

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Of course, LeBron’s farts have made news before — when he stink bombed the Cleveland Cavs bench wayyy back in the day.

You’re welcome, America.

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