Lenny Kravitz Asks For Help After Losing ‘Incredibly Sentimental’ Sunglasses

Lenny Kravitz is asking for help to find his “incredibly sentimental” sunglasses, which he lost over the weekend after his performance at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

Kravitz shared a couple of photos of himself wearing the sunglasses on Twitter and wrote, “I’m missing this pair of sunglasses after my show in LA at the Shrine this weekend. They are incredibly sentimental to me, they are vintage and they belonged to a family member. Hoping to get them back, no questions asked.”

“They were sitting up on stage when I let some of the audience up towards the end of the show and they were taken from my riser,” the “American Woman” singer wrote on Instagram.

Kravitz also wrote that anyone aware of where the glasses are can write to [email protected]., an account created especially for the cause.

A fan wrote on Twitter, “Please return glasses to Lenny. Sometimes it’s the memory not the item that is important.”

“Good luck, I really hope you get them,nothing can replace something with a sentimental meaning to us,” wrote another fan.

(Photo: Gage Skidmore)

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