Leonardo DiCaprio’s environmental organization donates $3 million to Australia

Leonardo DiCaprio has stepped up in a big way to help Australia recover from the wildfires that are ravaging the country.

The Earth Alliance, an environmental organization that DiCaprio, 45, oversees, launched the Australia Wildfire Fund to help raise money and donated $3 million to relief efforts, the “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood’ star announced on Instagram Thursday.

The generous donation, provided by DiCaprio and his co-chairs, Laurene Powell Jobs and Brian Sheth, was a “commitment to assist critical firefighting efforts in New South Wales, aid local communities most affected by the wildfires, enable wildlife rescue and recovery, and support the long term restoration of unique ecosystem.”

The catastrophic blazes have claimed the lives of at least 25 people and billions of animals are believed to have also been killed.

Aside from DiCaprio, other celebrities have used their platform to raise awareness about the wildfires and have also contributed donations.

Australian native Chris Hemsworth pledged $1 million to the firefighters in Australia, and Kylie Jenner confirmed she was also donating a million dollars to five different organizations to “cover the animals, the homes … the people and everyone affected.”

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