Lil Loaded’s Mom Found Him Dead, Confirms He’s Upset About Breakup Before Suicide

According to police report, the ‘6locc 6a6y’ hitmaker’s mom was crying on the front porch when cops arrived at his home in Cedar Hill to respond to her call on Monday, May 31.

AceShowbiz -New details surrounding the tragic passing of Lil Loaded have been uncovered. According to police report, it was the rapper’s mother who made the call to police after she found him dead from a gunshot to the head on Monday, May 31.

The police report, which is obtained by TMZ, details that Lil Loaded’s mom was crying on the front porch when cops arrived at his home in Cedar Hill. They later found the 20-year-old rapper dead inside the home, in the second floor hallway, with a gun nearby.

The new report also confirms previous speculation that Lil Loaded’s suicide was the result of him finding out that his girlfriend had cheated on him. The cops say his mom told them that he was emotional Sunday night, crying and upset over how much he loved his ex-girlfriend.

Lil Loaded’s attorney Ashkan Mehryari confirmed his passing, which he dubbed “very tragic,” in a statement on Monday. “Sadly, Mr. Robertson passed away earlier today as a result of a reported suicide,” he said. “He had a very bright and promising music career ahead of him.”

Lil Loaded, who just celebrated the success of his viral hit “6locc 6a6y” in achieving gold certification, posted an ominous message on his Instagram Story prior to his death. “Dear most high, please forgive me for my shortcomings and all of the times I’ve fell short of making you proud and being appreciative of all the blessings that have been put in my life,” so read his final post.

He added, “Sometimes the lines are blurred between being solid and being heartless I want to thank you for how far I’ve come and the people you’ve put in my life to keep me grounded and humble through everything and I love every single one of those people that are genuinely for me I ask for entrance into your kingdom thru all of my mistakes I know you love all of your children and I’m ready for my heart and soul to Join you.”

Meanwhile, his friend Cyraq expressed his anger over the passing of Lil Loaded in a series of Instagram Story posts. “My n***a just killed himself cause his b***h. I hate this h** so much right now,” he wrote in one. “That nihh told me inna studio last month somebody f**k his girl, he a kill em. This nihh ended this s**t behind his girl. He meant that s**t. Brudda I love you bih.”

Cyraq further spilled on how Loaded’s mother took the news of the emcee’s death. “My n***a momma just said he gone man,” he noted in a separate Story. “I kno she so hurt bro. I can hear the pain in ha voice….Like bro @lil_loaded, I promise it wasn’t worth it.” He added in the same post, Bro you ain’t have to leave us like this. I coulda figured sum out brudda.”

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