Lindsay Lohan Denies Firing Rumors — Sources Claim THIS ‘Masked Singer Australia’ Costar Is

Lindsay Lohan and her close friends don’t want you believing what you read on the internet! Except for the following:

The Mean Girls star and her confidants are shutting down rumors she’ll be replaced as a judge for the potential second season of The Masked Singer Australia, a mere day after it was reported execs wanted the 33-year-old gone because of her allegedly unprofessional behavior on set.

As we wrote, a report surfaced earlier this week from an Australian tabloid claiming LiLo was being fired from season two of the show. A “TV insider” told the outlet Lohan was late to set, held up production by taking an hour-long lunch, and had a bunch of diva demands backstage. 

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This intel was seemingly corroborated by former Masked Singer contestant Wendell Sailor, who said on KIIS FM last week: 

“About a minute before I had to perform, they said, ‘Lindsay’s hungry, she’s going to have a break.’ It was like an hour break! We were there for a while.”

This is far from the first time the actress has been hit with accusations of unprofessionalism on set — which is probably why Linds and her team were quick to deny, deny, deny it!

Sources close to the star told The Blast Lindsay is NOT getting fired, contrary to rumors, and is very much looking forward to working on the show for a second season — which is already in her contract, BTW.

The insiders claim Lindsay “loved working on the show” and was never late to set. As for the reports claiming otherwise, her friends believe one of her colleagues is trying to smear her!

Yup! There IS still trouble on set, y’all — and apparently LiLo’s not the trouble maker. So, who is?? 

According to these sources, it’s Lohan’s costar, Jackie O!

Apparently, Lohan’s friends think the Aussie radio host has been spreading lies about the famous redhead because she’s jealous of Lindsay’s budding friendship with judge Dannii Minogue. Basically, it’s Mean Girls all over again; only now, Lindsay’s Regina George and Kylie Minogue’s sister is Aaron Samuels.

That checks out, right?

Anyway, the insiders say producers do have plans to replace one of the judges — but that judge is Jackie O, NOT Lindsay Lo, because Jackie was apparently the one who “was late every day” and everyone “had to change their schedules for her.”

The actress, for her part, spoke with to deny the rumors in her own words, telling readers not to “believe the lies” about her. She said:

“I plan on doing season two… I love the Masked Singer Australia, my fellow judges and . Don’t believe the lies.”

The star went on to say she and the rest of the judges “speak daily,” adding:

“ of us with heads of the network are all on a group chat together… I love this job and have really enjoyed my time in Australia.”

Linds previously denied the reports of her firing last week — on the Kyle and Jackie O Show no less — explaining:

“People want to find the negative for no reason. There was nothing negative about .”

Except for that smear campaign, we guess…

Do U believe Lindsay’s story, Perezcious readers?

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