Luann de Lesseps Shocks Fans: Yes, I’m Drinking Again!

Is there a word for the opposite of a New Year’s resolution?

Like, if you went into 2020 planning to become a worse version of yourself and undo any progress you’ve made in recent months?

Perhaps we should ask the Countess herself, Luann de Lesseps.

As you’re probably aware, de Lesseps’ struggles with alcoholism have made tabloid headlines frequently in recent years.

Luann was arrested for drunk driving in December of 2017, and her refusal to permanently put the plug in the jug has brought her within a hair’s-breadth of going to prison on multiple occasions.

In April, de Lesseps tested positive for alcohol, and her probation officer could have easily had her locked up.

Instead, she was given a second chance, and she finally completed probation in August.

Unfortunately, it seems that Luann didn’t learn much from the experience, as she promptly returned to drinking.

Luann appeared at BravoCon in November, and when asked about her alcoholi intake, she shrugged the questions off with vague statements about “being a badass.”

And this week, she seemed t confirm that she’s back on the sauce with a cryptic New Year’s message to fans.

“New Year’s has been a time of reflection,” explained de Lesseps.

“I’ve learned a great deal about myself, and I’m in a very good place and finally back in the driver’s seat,” Luann continued.

“I’ve always said my journey is day by day. I’m toasting to a happy new year ahead!”

Now, Luann didn’t come right out and post that she’s boozing again, but she she did post a comment about toasting amid widespread speculation regarding her relationship with alcohol, so it’s tough to imagine she didn’t know what she was doing.

Hopefully that remark about being in the driver’s seat doesn’t mean she’s planning to give inebriated driving another go.

Look, at the end of the day, no one really knows the extent of Luann’s dependence on alcohol aside from Luann.

Maybe she really has reached the point where she can safely have a glass of wine at dinner with no risk of embarking on a 3-day bender.

But considering the extent to which she endangered others with her actions, it would probable be a good idea to keep her renewed love affair with cosmos out of public view for the time being.

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