Maddie Ziegler Blocks Her Eyebrows for Acne Studios Fashion Show with Barbie Ferreira & Yasmin Finney

Maddie Ziegler showed off a bold look while attending the Acne Studios Fall/Winter 23-24 fashion show on Wednesday (March 1) in Paris.

The 20-year-old actress blocked out her eyebrows and was seen meeting up with Barbie Ferreira at the Paris Fashion Week presentation.

Also in attendance was Heartstopper actress Yasmin Finney.

“show of my dreams !! thank you endlessly to the team for having me 💖 @acnestudios @edouardschneider,” Maddie shared on Instagram.

The Acne Studios show transported guests to “a fantasy forest with poisonous vines and roots, strangely sparkling tree sap and exploding flora.”

“With this collection I was thinking about the dark winters we have in Sweden, where there are only a few hours of daylight. I wanted to capture the beauty of the darkness in both the collection and the set. Sweden is the kind of place where the city ends abruptly and then the pine forest begins. I’ve always enjoyed the contrast between urban life and nature, the idea that an infinite forest is just around the corner. In Scandinavia, nature rubs up against the city very often: you tend to have the playground on one side of the building and the forest on the other. But living in such close proximity to nature is becoming increasingly rare in our modern world,” creative director Jonny Johansson shared.

A few weeks ago, Maddie stepped out at New York Fashion Week, before it was announced she split with her boyfriend.

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