Madonna defended after Piers Morgan savages her sex kitten antics

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Madonna supporter Dom Joly made his feelings known in an exclusive interview with, after Piers Morgan savagely jeered at her for trying to be a “sex kitten” aged 64. The broadcaster, who today revealed he will be spending Valentine’s Day interviewing a female serial killer in a notorious US prison, was condemned by Dom over his harsh comments.

Piers raised hackles among her fanbase when he insisted her “sex kitten” antics were “utterly embarrassing” and that “you can’t be a sexpot in your 60s”.

Declaring him “nasty”, Dom told us at “I don’t think anything will ever calm Piers Morgan down… he just doesn’t like powerful women.”

“He needs to take a step back and stop being rude about other celebrities,” he continued.

The comedian and travel author, who is due to release a new book in November, added: “I just don’t understand what his deal is with a certain type of woman.”

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Madonna has also been accused on social media of having too many cosmetic interventions after her face appeared puffy – and even plumper than it had done in her 20s.

However, her fanbase have accused people like Piers of being ageist and misogynistic for finding fault with her raunchy photoshoots and attempts to continue looking sexy.

One argued back on Twitter: “Dearest Piers… @Madonna has… Sold 300 million albums. Released 92 singles. Sold 100 million singles. Sold out 11 world tours. Grossed nearly $2 billion in tour revenue. Broken 26 world records.”

The fan continued: “[She also] won over 300 awards including Grammys and Golden Globes … just saying.”

Dom is equally inclined to defend Madonna, and other “powerful” women who have found themselves at the mercy of Piers’ rants.

“Is there anything particular Piers has said that was out of order? I think it would be easier to find things that weren’t out of order,” he exclaimed.

“I just think he’s got quite a few bees in his bonnet and I think he has almost social media diarrhea!”

Accusing him of being “obsessed” with women like Meghan Markle, he quipped that it could be difficult for him to step away from his Twitter account, as he might then have to “stare into the dark abyss of his soul”.

Meanwhile, Dom also wanted to make his feelings known about self-declared “misogynist” influencer Andrew Tate.

The former Big Brother contestant is currently being held in a Romanian prison over claims that he was involved in coercing young women to produce sexual content to sell online – but he has denied all the claims and is yet to be charged.

“Andrew Tate going off-grid and never having contact with anyone again would be a good thing to me,” he raged.

“The guy is an absolute moron, showing off about cars and macho culture. He’s everything that’s wrong in the world.

“He’s making kids interested in the most pointless things and young boys are being influenced to have these negative thoughts about women,” Dom lamented.

“He’s an obvious k**b. Total tw*t. How he’s influencing so many people is beyond me. It just shows the power of evil really.”

Meanwhile, some might say that Dom has experienced the power of evil firsthand, after being threatened with a machete in the Congo back in 2010 while writing material for one of his books.

His latest title, a book about his travels investigating conspiracy theories and interviewing anti-vaxxers, will be released in November 2023.

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