Mark Hamill slays Ivanka Trump’s Star Wars tweet in three words

We’ve discussed before that Mark Hamill is one to watch on Twitter. He knows the position he and his iconic Luke Skywalker hold in people’s hearts and he’s living up to those expectations. And bless him for it because I imagine having to be the embodiment of Skywalker all the time is exhausting. Mark is also one of the funniest celebs on Twitter and I don’t think that’s as tiring for him, I think that comes naturally. But when the two come together and he can make the perfect Star Wars joke, it’s a beautiful thing. When the punchline of his sharp-tongued, Star Wars barb is the current POTUS’ daughter, Ivanka Trump, it’s glorious. And that’s what happened this past weekend. It started on Saturday when Ivanka the Vapid posted this little ditty to her account:

— Ivanka Trump (@IvankaTrump) September 29, 2019

I get that we are supposed to note the kid dressed as a stormtrooper but the real Star Wars connection is the overdressed couple that looks like they’ve been frozen in carbonite. Anyway, I guess this was supposed to be an endearing family pic but in actuality the parents look absolutely terrified to be in the same room as their children. Since Ivanka decided to release it to the Twitterverse, it became fair game. And Mark shot it directly out of the sky:

— Mark Hamill (@HamillHimself) September 29, 2019

The title of this post said he took her out with three words, you can pick which three because I like both the caption and the hashtag equally. I can’t add anything to this, perfect caption is perfect. The Deplorables have written Mark off for this, the lamest excuse being that clearly Mark hates children. I imagine turning MAGA supporters off Star Wars is the best endorsement the future sequels have, score another one for Luke! Mark has been loudly outspoken against the current administration, especially their ridiculous social media postings. How did Ivanka think this would be missed? Mark has 3M followers, I’ll bet the majority of whom probably forwarded this to him the minute it hit the airwaves. She got exactly what she deserved.

Although I like Mark’s response the best it certainly was not the only response. The first goes to Star Wars expert, Patton Oswalt:

— Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) September 29, 2019

— Nathan Quarry (@NateRockQuarry) September 30, 2019

— Helen O’Hara (@HelenLOHara) September 29, 2019

Which is a bit on the nose, even for you.

— Rachael French (@DrRachaelF) September 29, 2019

Photo credit: WENN Photos and Twitter

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