Meghan Markle Makes Surprise Cameo In Latte Company’s Instagram Ad – And Fan Reviews Are MIXED!!

Meghan Markle made a surprise return to the small screen! Well, sort of. And people had A LOT to say about it!

The Duchess of Sussex briefly appeared in an advertisement for the latte company Clevr Blends, which she’s an investor for. In the playful video posted on Instagram Tuesday, Meghan is seen popping up in different departments for the brand, including the “fulfillment crew” where she packed some coffee orders. In another shot, she is then spotted working on a computer with the “very smart, only slightly nerdy digital team.”

And that wasn’t the only appearance she made in the ad! The co-founder, Hannah Mendoza, then strolled through the office while Meghan handed her a cup of coffee. And the final shot shows the busy-looking 42-year-old actress carrying a folder and holding a phone to her ear as she walks by and attempts to fist-bump another employee. However, she completely messes up the gesture and bursts into laughter off-camera.

When we heard Meghan potentially planned to return to acting, did anyone think one of her first gigs would’ve been for a coffee company ad on Instagram?! But we guess it’s a perfect way for her to begin dusting off her acting chops! Ch-ch-check out the commercial (below):

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It’s such a fun, silly little video! However, not everyone was a fan of the cameo from Meg! Several social media users took to the comments section to roast the Suits alum for going from royalty to a coffee advertisement job. Some people even called the appearance “desperate” and “cringey!” Damn. See some of the other reactions (below):

“Guess this is her doing her 1 hour a week of work. From representing the late Queen to a packer.”

“From palace to this”

“So not royal”

“How the mighty have fallen. Love it”

Ouch! Talk about brutal! While there were plenty of negative remarks, others were obsessed with the ad and even praised Meghan for returning to acting “where she belongs.” See (below):

“The glue that keeps it all together. I’ve been glued to her since 2011 in her Suits days.”

“Your HR department is doing a bang up job spotting talent!”

“Love this..nice team you have there. Queens Only”

“That intern in the back looks mighty familiar… and is working mighty hard!”

“Love this so much, great to see the new hire”

“The new hire deserves a raise and bonus and benefits. She is a multitasking Queen. Clearly.”

At least not everyone hated it! What are YOUR reactions to the ad, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF in the comments below!

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