Meghan Markle to Princess Beatrice: Stop Stealing My Spotlight, Bish

Being born into a royal family is generally a pretty sweet deal.

Sure, the days of beheading some peasants while downing a few goblets of mead and gnawing on a giant turkey leg may have come to an end, but you’re still 

That said, there’s a hierarchy within every royal family and if you’re the low prince or princess on the totem pole, you may find that your day-to-day life bears a distressingly close resemblance to that of the peasants you should be beheading.

Take Princess Beatrice, for example.

As the daughter of Jeffrey Epstein chum and possible pedo Prince Andrew, Lady Bea hasn’t received much in the way of favorabkle press coverage in recent weeks.

Obviously, she should be forced to answer for the sins of her father, but she’s already a “lesser” royal, and the scandal’s not exactly working wonders for her reputation.

So perhaps it’s no coincidence that Beatrice chose today to announce her engagement to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi.

“We are extremely happy to be able to share the news of our recent engagement,” the couple said in an official statement issued this morning.

“We are both so excited to be embarking on this life adventure together and can’t wait to be married.

If you’re just now hearing about the engagement, well … we guess you can take that as evidence of Bea’s status as a second- or third-tier royal.

But it’s still a royal engagement, so Bea’s new bling is making headlines in the UK.

Some say the announcement — and possibly the engagement itself — were carefully orchestrated in order to distract from the Epstein mess.

Others say Beatrice had pettier reasons for the timing.

As you may have heard Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are currently in Sourh Africa as part of an official royal tour

There’s a longstanding rumor that Beatrice is envious of all the attention that Meg receives from the media.

So did she time her engagement to steal the Sussexes thunder during their big tour?

Probably not, but this is the internet in 2019, so you better believe there’s a rumor to that effect!

“Convenient for Beatrice to announce her engagement while Harry and Meghan are on tour. Great timing I must say,” one Meg fan tweeted today.

“Remember after the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan, later on they announce the wedding of Eugenie,” echoed another.

“Lol… now after Baby Archie’s first appearance they announce this upcoming wedding.”

Of course, it’s possible that Beatrice got engaged because she’s in love and she shared the news right away simply because she’s excited.

Unfortunately, there are two big problems with that explanation:

1. It’s boring.

2. Ya know who gets the benifit the doubt? A-list royals, baby!

All others 

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