Met a fan Piers Morgan and Lord Alan Sugar bury hatchet as they pose for smiley photo

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Piers Morgan, 57, and Lord Alan Sugar, 75, have not always seen eye to eye. Their infamous war of words reignited less than two weeks ago, when Alan poked fun at Piers’ figure, but a grinning Piers seemed to hold no grudges in their photo, while he joked: “Met a fan!”

When people tweet him and say for example, ‘You’re not fit to live with the pigs’, I come back and say, ‘No, stop it, because he is’, you know?

Lord Alan Sugar

The pair’s public feud originally began after Alan Sugar publicly humiliated Piers in front of a TV audience of almost seven million people.

He fired the broadcaster from Comic Relief Does The Apprentice back in 2007, after Piers bragged that he could get a star-studded guestlist of rockstars and supermodels to attend a charity funfair but dismally failed.

After promising that A-listers such as Mick Jagger and Claudia Schiffer were likely to attend, he ended up offering Anne Robinson, Chris Evans and Mick Hucknall.

Meanwhile the girls’ team beat Piers and the boys by recruiting celebs such as Cheryl Cole and managing to persuade members of Take That to man the dodgems.

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Faced with a formidable Alan in the boardroom, socialite Piers had few excuses for why he hadn’t been able to recruit more of his showbiz contacts for the event.

“It’s your demeanour that has cost you this. Piers Morgan, you’re fired,” Alan exclaimed.

However an irritated Piers claimed he should never have been axed, arguing that he raised the most money.

Ever since, the pair have made caustic comments about each other publicly, although no doubt it has always been in the name of fun.

Cheeky Alan once brazenly insisted that his eyebrow-raising insults were his way of “looking after” Piers.

“When people tweet him and say for example, ‘You’re not fit to live with the pigs’, I come back and say, ‘No, stop it, because he is’, you know?” he joked.

The pair have exchanged controversial insults about each other’s figures, with Alan Sugar writing that his rival was a “blubber boy”, only for Piers to hit back that he was a “chubster”.

He also ordered his rival to “stop fat-shaming me”, although there was little chance of that happening.

After first describing him as fat, Alan later made a dramatic U-turn to poke fun at Piers for being thin.

The multimillionaire Apprentice star turned his attention to a photo of Piers in LA just days ago, where his stance made one leg appear to be much slimmer than the other.

“Optical illusion but your right leg looks like a toothpick,” he mocked via Twitter.

@BalchinSarah jumped to Piers’ defence, arguing: “Could possibly be due to the fact that he injured a tendon in his leg a few years ago.”

Alan also mocked Piers’ former friendship with Donald Trump, prior to the pair’s dramatic TalkTV interview.

The interview caused a stir after viewers saw trailers of the former US President being challenged by him, only to get up and storm out.

However mischievous Alan once even purchased a paperweight featuring Donald having his bottom licked by Piers and displayed the gold-plated statue mirthfully on Twitter.

Now, having seen Piers grinning broadly while placing an arm around his supposed arch rival in St Tropez, Instagrammers such as @amitchampaneri joked: “We all knew you both loved each other really!”

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