Michael Clarke planning 'grand gesture' to win back Jade Yarbrough

EXCLUSIVE: A shattered Michael Clarke ‘desperately wants Jade Yarbrough back’ and is planning a ‘grand gesture’ to try and win her heart after their public bust-up over Pip Edwards: ‘He knows he stuffed up’

  • Member of Clarke’s inner circle says distraught ‘Pup’ wants Jade back
  • Clarke ‘an emotional wreck’ who ‘just got completely busted’ says friend
  • Clarke determined to win Jade back after ugly Noosa fracas 
  • Clarke and Pip Edwards ‘100% done’ as he plans ‘grand gesture’ for Jade

Michael Clarke hopes to win back the heart of Jade Yarbrough despite their now-infamous public bust-up in Noosa.

A close friend of the retired cricket star said a ‘shattered’ Clarke, 41, is already talking about winning back Jade, 30, despite all but admitting he cheated on her with his ex Pip Edwards.

The revelation comes a day after stunning footage emerged of Clarke along with Yarbrough, her sister Jasmine and her husband Karl Stefanovic, engaged in an ugly spat in a Noosa park on January 10.

A ‘shattered’ Clarke is already talking about winning back Jade Yarbrough (R) despite all but admitting he cheated on her with ex Pip Edwards 

Clarke seen with P.E Nation founder Pip at the height of their romance. The couple officially split in early 2022 

At the heart of the feud were allegations Clarke hooked up with ex-flame Edwards on December 17 while Jade was away on holidays.  

But incredibly, Clarke is allegedly determined to reconcile with Jade and is plotting a ‘grand gesture’ in the hopes of winning her back.

‘He stuffed up and he knows he stuffed up and he got busted, it is as simple as that,’ a friend of the Aussie cricket legend told Daily Mail Australia.

‘But he wants Jade back. 

‘She’s the one. But he knows it’s going to take something big to make it happen.’

Jade and Michael seen enjoying a loved-up day in Noosa shortly before the cheating scandal erupted

A more solemn Jade seen in deep conversation with Clarke at the Noosa home of Anthony Bell shortly before their showdown

His friend added that Clarke is ‘in an emotionally dark place’ and is in close contact with his ‘best friend’ Anthony Bell who was also involved in the Noosa melee.

‘He’s a mess… a complete mess,’ said the friend.

Both Clarke and Bell have been contacted for comment.

The dramatic footage obtained by The Daily Telegraph shows a shirtless Clarke being screamed at and slapped by his hysterical girlfriend as others in the group try to defuse the fracas.

Clarke with long-time best friend Anthony Bell aboard his super yacht Ghost II

 ‘I’m wrong? I’m f**king wrong! You’re a f**king liar. I can see everything. You called her,’ Jade screams.

Clarke later released a statement confessing his failings, saying: ‘I’m absolutely gutted I’ve put people I hold in the highest regard in this position. My actions in the lead-up to this altercation were nothing short of shameful and regrettable.

‘I am shattered that because of my actions I’ve drawn women of class and integrity, and my mates, into this situation.’

Jade (L) was introduced to Clarke by her  brother-in-law Karl Stefanovic

Clarke and Yarbrough were friends for a number of years after they were introduced by Karl Stefanovic. They made their relationship official in August 2022. 

It’s understood Stefanovic had attempted to unite the pair romantically several years before however Yarbrough began dating someone else – surfer and charity director Andrew Leece.

However it’s understood the pair split in early 2022, with Yarbrough going on to date Clarke casually before the pair cemented their new romance with a trip to Italy in July.

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