Molly-Mae Hague pens a sweet tribute to victiorious beau Tommy Fury

‘Never a doubt in my mind’: Molly-Mae Hague pens a sweet victory tribute to beau Tommy Fury after he defeats Jake Paul in the ring – but doesn’t tune in to see the clash

Molly-Mae Hague shared a sweet tribute to her boyfriend Tommy Fury on Sunday night following his fight against Jake Paul in Saudi Arabia.

The influencer, 23, assured that there was ‘never a doubt’ in her mind as she cheered on her boxer beau from afar after he finally reigned victorious over the YouTube star.

While she was ever the doting support, the new mother couldn’t bare to watch Tommy in the ring – staying away from the TV until the result. 

Staying back in the UK with their newborn daughter Bambi, the Love Island star was joined by her sister Zoe and pals Maura Higgins, Ellen Graham and Stephanie Lam for a watching party.

But she wasn’t actually present for the fight itself, as her sister shared a clip of Molly-Mae taking shelter in her bedroom while the others watched the clash.

‘Never a doubt in my mind’: Molly-Mae Hague penned a sweet victory tribute to beau Tommy Fury on Sunday after he defeated Jake Paul in the ring – but doesn’t tune in to see the clash

Tommy took on Jake in the highly-anticipated professional fight, taking the win as the pair made it through all eight rounds to a judges vote.

The new dad was the rightful winner in the end – with the judges calling the fight 76-73, 76-73, 74-75 in his favour – but with a point deduction and a knockdown against his name, it was far from plain sailing.

Proving she was backing him all the way, Molly-Mae took to Instagram to share a gushing tribute with her 7.3M followers.

Posting a snap where she shared a kiss with Tommy and cradled their daughter Bambi, she penned: ‘The pressure that was on this boys shoulders.. I will never ever know how he dealt with it.

‘Never been more proud of anyone in my life. GET HOME TO US OUR CHAMP,’ continued the PrettyLittleThing Creative Director. 

Sharing another snap of her beau with his winning belt, Molly-Mae added: ‘Never a doubt in my mind’.  

But when fight time came, the blonde beauty couldn’t bring herself to watch her boyfriend take punches from Jake, instead quietly relaxing with daughter Bambi in her bedroom.

Zoe, Maura, Ellen and Stephanie all gathered in Molly-Mae’s living room to watch the fight, filming their relieved reactions as the judges result was revealed, all jumping up and down for joy.

But showing what her sister was up to while her boyfriend was crowned champ, Zoe then shared a video as she walked through the house – turning the camera to a quiet Molly-Mae as she nervously sat with Bambi. 

The influencer appeared overcome with emotion as her pals bombarded the room to deliver the good news. 

Tommy’s thoughts weren’t far from home either, as the boxer dedicated his fight to Molly-Mae and their daughter.

Breaking down into tears of joy after the fight, he gave his two girls an emotional shoutout while admitting that the victory was a weight lifted.

Speaking directly after the fight, Tommy said: ‘For the past two and a half years this is all that consumed my life. Broken rib, denied access and everyone thought I was running scared. 

‘Tonight I made my own legacy. I am Tommy Fury. I want to dedicate this fight to my new baby girl Bambi at home and my Mrs. I love you and I can’t wait to see you. This fight was for you. This belt is for you Bambi I love you.’

This highly-anticipated fight between the British ex-Love Island contestant and an American who found fame through YouTube was the result of over two years of social media warfare

He went on to add: ‘I had a dream and a vision I would win this fight. No one believed me. Now I can stand up and everyone can take note. It’s my first main event at 23 years old. I had a world of pressure on me and I came through.

‘This to me is a world title fight. This was my dream and this was my destiny. This was my fate. I want to thank Saudi Arabia for having me. I love you all for having me and for turning out. You guys we did it. We did it.’

There was another sweet nod to his family at home during the fight, as Tommy had his daughter’s name stitched into his shorts in gold lettering, and over the front of his robe. 

While the logo of Molly-Mae’s fake tan brand, Filter, was printed on his team’s jackets and merchandise as a sponser.

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