Mum-of-22 Sue Radford sparks pregnancy rumours as she hints at ‘epic surprise’

Sue Radford sparked rumours that she could be expecting her 23rd child after she teased that she had an 'epic surprise' for husband Noel.

The speculation began after the mother-of-22 posted a snap of a Stitch suitcase she'd seen while out and about at the shops with her daughters Millie and Aimee.

She then screenshotted her asking Noel, 52, if she could pick it up for one of their holidays next year, to which Noel responded with a blunt "no."

Sharing the exchange on her Instagram, Sue penned: 'No reasoning, just NO!' followed by laughing face emojis.

Sue, who posts to her over 500 thousand followers on the Radford Family Instagram page, then responded to queries from her fans asking if she had bought the suitcase.

She wrote: "Lots of you asking if I bought it. No I didn't, however I did surprise him with something pretty epic for our anniversary instead. So I'll let him have the 'no' on this one. What might that be? You might have to wait and see!"

The 48-year-old later revealed that her response had sent followers into a frenzy, with many questioning if baby 23 is on the way.

Screenshotting a message from a fan, which said "a baby," Sue replied: "Noo definitely not this!' she replied. 'I think he'd have a heart attack – I think we both would!

"But you'll get to see what I organised soon; we can't wait to take you along with us."

It comes as the mum recently poked fun at the amount of holidays she and her massive brood enjoy.

Sue and Noel recently returned from a getaway in a motorhome, taking advantage of their £40,000 vehicle.

Responding to people asking if their purchase was worth it, Sue said: "Love motorhome life. We always get loads of messages asking if we'd recommend buying one, and the answer is YES.

"You'll never look back, we literally pull up and we are hitched and sorted in less than 5 minutes."

Britain's largest family is no stranger to a holiday, with the latest break marking the 20th time they've been away in less than two years.

They've also recently enjoyed making family memories on a usually once-in-a-lifetime holiday in Florida, which, at the time, was their 18th holiday in 20 months.

But Sue jokingly clapped back at anyone passing judgment on her trips away, sharing a snap of her enjoying a glass of wine and watching the boys play football.

She wrote: "And relax #no20 if you know, you know," followed by a laughing emoji.

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