Nadiya Hussain hits back at claim she is using sex abuse story for ‘publicity’

Nadiya Hussain, 34, recently opened up about being sexually assaulted around the age of five. The Great British Bake Off winner claimed she was abused by a relative during a trip to Bangladesh and has told her story for the first time in her memoir Finding My Voice. Speaking about how the incident affected her, she said: “No doubt that would have played a role in my PTSD, my panic disorder. “It’s a memory that has stayed with me for ever.” 

The TV chef admitted she only understood what had happened to her when she learned about sex in a biology class.

The realisation made her vomit into a lab sink.

However Nadiya’s candid story unfortunately prompted a negative response from one Twitter user, who accused her of using the account for “publicity”.

They wrote: “@BegumNadiya Nadiya supposed to be a strict Muslim but goes against it. 

“Hugging people in her show now making things up for attention. She was 5 years old. 

“Viewers are not impressed the way she is using this for publicity. Her parents must be heartbroken that she lies.”

It is unclear which moment in Nadiya’s show the user is referring to.

After noticing the tweet, the star hit back at the claims directly in view of her 217,000 followers.

She retweeted the post and replied: “Don’t question my faith or my motives and do not bring my parents into it either.

“Nasty people like you destroy families & lives with your backwards directed views, planting seeds & infiltrating thoughts.

“I’ve met people like you, if you have nothing good to say, get lost & stay lost!”

Fans flocked to the comments section of Nadiya’s post to support her.

One person wrote: “Don’t let nasty people like this get you down. You can hug who you want.”

Another added: “Nobody is listening to this person, they are probably jealous of your success. We’ve all got your back 


“I do wonder why people behave like this on Twitter. How empty must a life be to be that bitter. 

“Keep hugging, smiling, cooking and being you. You are brilliant,” a third fan commented.

Nadiya Hussain is set to appear on The Graham Norton Show tonight at 10.35pm on BBC One.

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