NFL Star Henry Ruggs Loses Perfect Bowling Game On Final Roll, 'I Am Sick'

Did you know NFL star Henry Ruggs is a ridiculously good football player AND bowler?!

It’s true … ’cause the Raiders wide receiver nearly rolled a PERFECT GAME this week — missing the 300 figure by just one pin on his last frame!!!

The incredible feat all went down Wednesday in Las Vegas … when Ruggs was bowling with some friends at a local alley in Sin City.

Ruggs had hit 10 straight strikes … and needed just two more good rolls to give him the unblemished evening.

You can see in footage of Ruggs’ final balls, though … after hitting the first strike no problem — he left just one pin standing on his final throw!!!

Henry was both elated and defeated … ’cause, ya know, a 299 is an insane score — but missing the 300 mark CLEARLY hurt.

In fact, after the game, Ruggs took to social media to say, “I am sick” about not knocking down the final pin.

Don’t worry, Henry’s only 22 years old, so he’s got plenty of visits to the alley left in him.

Good luck next time!!

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