Offset Says J Prince Is Spinning 'Fairy Tales' After Prince Says He Saved Him From Beefs

Offset and J Prince are turning up the heat on their simmering beef … Prince says he’s saved Offset’s hide a bunch of times, but Offset’s calling BS.

The estranged Migos rapper fired back at the Rap-A-Lot Records mogul Wednesday after Prince went to great lengths to remind Offset of all Prince says he’s done for him and Cardi B.

J Prince says he’s rescued Offset from tons of beefs over the years in different parts of the country, but Offset begs to differ … saying he never needed Prince’s help and claiming Prince is “all mouth with no proof just fairy tales.”

Offset’s rebuttal comes after Prince posted an audio message on Instagram ripping the Atlanta rapper for choosing emotions over principles.

J Prince’s rant is a direct response to Offset claiming to not know Prince “from a can of paint” amid Offset’s own issues with Quavo, which exploded backstage at Sunday’s Grammy Awards.

Prince tried to jog Offset’s memory while shredding his street cred … claiming Offset was a fake gangster who repeatedly lied to Cardi B about what he was doing in the streets.

Prince claimed to have aided Offset on multiple occasions … allegedly coming to Offset’s rescue after he was jumped by Lil Baby‘s 4PF crew in Atlanta, squashing a beef involving Sauce Walka in Houston and helping Cardi out the time she angered Crips in Los Angeles by changing the word “blue” to “flue.”

Cardi wasted zero time offering up some straightening of her own … claiming it was Wack 100 and Big U — not J Prince — who stepped in to clear her name.

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Bottom line … Offset and Cardi B say Prince isn’t the kingpin he claims to be.

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