Piers Morgan: ‘Can’t remove me’ GMB host hits out at petition to boot him off ITV show

Piers Morgan, 54, took to Twitter and responded to a social media user who retweeted a petition to have the broadcaster removed as a host on Good Morning Britain. In view of his 6.8 million followers, he shared the post which read: “I’m petitioning for @ITV/ @GMB to remove Piers Morgan as an anchor, due to his dangerous dehumanisation of transgender/non-binary individuals that is quickly spiralling out of control and influencing large audiences. Sign and RT to spread the message!” The GMB star replied: “You can’t remove me, I’m currently identifying as a penguin so it would be animal cruelty.” He went on to insist he’s an avid supporter of trans rights, but feels a BBC film claiming there are more than 100 genders is doing more harm than good.

Poking fun at the petition he also shared a gif of a penguin adding: “Memo to all those trying to get me thrown off TV for refusing to accept there are 100 genders.”

The petition to axe Piers has been signed by more than 6,000 people.

In a lengthy message, the petition’s creator Liam Austen wrote: “On the 11th September of this year, Morgan delivered yet another one of his staple rants around gender, sexuality and identification. Of course, with the help of the programme’s crew rallying around him in the name of ‘entertainment’.

“Morgan’s claims that he now identifies as a penguin were supported with a mock-up image and childish music on-screen, effectively reducing this discussion to a mere joke…”

He continued: “Essentially, this petition has been birthed out of sheer exhaustion and frustration. We are currently living in the midst of very challenging times as a country, what with a no-deal Brexit looming over us, Parliament essentially falling apart in front of our eyes, and tensions between left and right-wing supporters growing daily.

“What good comes from keeping Morgan as a host? Instead of providing light reprieve from the world’s horrors – or, indeed, discussing them factually and objectively – he contributes directly to them.

“Morgan dictates to his viewers that it’s acceptable to deny an LGBTQ+ person of their rights; it’s acceptable to tell them they don’t exist; it’s acceptable to call them “snowflakes” when they get rightfully upset.”

It comes after Piers said he would now identify as a penguin in a rant about multiple genders on Good Morning Britain, last month.

The ITV anchor fumed the “world has gone nuts” after it was revealed a gay penguin couple had adopted a gender neutral penguin at a London aquarium.

Piers said: “The world has gone nuts. I’m going to say that now I am identifying as a penguin and I demand to be allowed into the penguin enclosure at the aquarium and live with the penguins.

“This is the way the world is going, when I talk about this people go, ‘You are so intolerant’ and if you dare challenge these people they want you fired, expunged, sacked.”

Attempting to calm her colleague, Susanna replied: “I think if you want to identify as a pan penguin that’s fine.”

She later added: “I do think it’s confusing for children to learn about 100 gender identities.”

Elsewhere, Piers revealed that he is recovering from illness after being struck down with the flu.

He tweeted: “First man-flu go the season. And as usual, it’s worse than childbirth.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am.

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