Prince Andrew will be kicked out of his spacious apartment at Buckingham Palace

In Prince Harry’s Spare, he really lays out how dire his housing situation was for years. Up until the age of 30, he basically only had a small room at his father’s residence, Clarence House, and the second he moved out, Camilla turned his room into her closet. When he moved out of CH, he moved into Nottingham Cottage, a dilapidated shack within the Kensington Palace complex. Within the London palaces, there are spacious and even “grand” apartments, and it’s really remarkable to think about why, as a bachelor, Harry was never given one of those apartments in Kensington Palace or St. James’s Palace.

I bring up Harry’s housing situation because, as it turns out, Prince Andrew has maintained an entire suite of rooms at Buckingham Palace this whole time. In BP, there is also space for “royal apartments,” I just thought that Andrew had moved out of that BP apartment years ago, especially since he’s based out of Royal Lodge (which is an enormous mansion in Windsor). But no, Andrew still has an apartment in BP. Not anymore, says King Charles.

Prince Andrew’s nights with his beloved teddy bears at Buckingham Palace have drawn to a close — after he was told he can no longer use his suite of rooms. The disgraced Duke of York, 62 — who has already been forced to close his office there — enjoyed sleeping at the Palace with a selection of meticulously arranged cuddly toys.

However all his treasured possessions have been shifted out while renovation takes place — and they will never return now his older brother Charles is King. Andrew has been told that if he wants to sleep in London he must move into new digs, with nearby St James’s Palace a ­possible option.

A source said last night: “The King has made it clear that Buckingham Palace is no place for Prince Andrew. First his office closed last year and now his sleeping quarters. Andrew loved having a suite at Buckingham Palace where he was not only set up for marital life with Sarah Ferguson but used it as a bachelor’s pad after his divorce. He brought back a string of new girlfriends to his home in the Palace — even model Caprice. A bachelor’s flat in St James’s Palace doesn’t have the same allure for a single man.”

The Palace is undergoing a £369million, ten-year rebuilding project which includes gutting and renovating Andrew’s suite, known as the Chamber Floor.

[From The Sun]

So, Prince Andrew had a huge suite in BP for decades PLUS his mother gave him a sweetheart deal on the Royal Lodge lease in Windsor? And the entire time, Harry was being shuffled to various microrooms and shacks. These people. So, yeah, the surprise here is that Andrew still had this BP Suite. I’m glad Charles is kicking him out, but Andrew will probably demand (and get) one of the biggest suites at St. James’s Palace now.

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