Queen Letizia wore Sandro for a World Mental Health Day event in Madrid

A lot of people, myself included, were interested in the “dueling royal events” in America and the UK for World Mental Health Day. But other royals besides the Sussexes and the Waleses were also doing events today. Take Queen Leitiza, who stepped out in Madrid and gave a speech at a mental-health event. She’s so chic and she keeps it so simple, because she’s been focused on mental health as a cause for years without needing to tell everyone that she’s the biggest global statesman ever.

Letizia wore a green Sandro dress for Tuesday’s event. This is a repeat, and it’s something that’s been in her closet for years. From a distance, this is so chic and I almost thought it had a more Indian-style print. But up close, the print seems a tad garish. Still, she looks great in that shade of green.

It was just announced that Letizia and King Felipe will make a state visit to Denmark next month, per an invitation from Queen Margrethe II. I always get the sense that, minus the Windsors, the European royals all get along very well. The Windsors are like the chaotic, inbred, melodramatic crackhead cousins of the European royal houses.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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