Reginae Carter Caught Unfollowing Fabolous’ Stepdaughter Allegedly Because of Jamaican Trip

People suspect that the daughter of Lil Wayne is mad because she wasn’t invited to the fun-filled trip, pointing out a couple of cryptic posts shared on her Twitter account.

AceShowbiz -It looks like Reginae Carter has just lost a friend. People suspect that the daughter of Lil Wayne is no longer friends with Taina Williams after she’s caught clicking the unfollow button on Fabolous‘ stepdaughter’s Instagram profile.

It’s unclear when exactly she made the move and what caused her to do it. However, some people speculated that it’s because she wasn’t invited to Lori Harvey‘s Jamaican trip with Taina and several other friends. Reginae appeared to shade them in a couple of tweets that read, “You’re gonna outgrow people. Everyone is not gonna grow with you. You have to leave people behind sometimes just to continue your journey.”

Reginae Carter shared cryptic post on social media.

She continued in a separate post, “If a mf keep untying your shoes while you’re tryna run your marathon, their no good. Keep people around that’ll make sure them mfs double knotted.”

Reginae Carter continued her cryptic post.

Meanwhile, Taina is still following Reginae.

Taina and Reginae have been close friends for years. The latter even jumped to her defense when she was accused of ruining G Herbo’s (previously known as Lil Herb) relationship with Ari Flecther. The 20-year-old said at the time, “My friend is classy and carries herself like a real young lady… far from a bird. Let’s just get that straight. Tuh I hate when females mad and tear down the other female. It’s not cool and it won’t get him back sis.”

Reginae also came to Taina’s defense when people accused her of trying to steal the attention in one of group photos they took during at Reginae’s birthday bash at Los Cabos, Mexico. In the photo, all of Reginae’s friends decided to wear light pastel pink gowns. However, the daughter of Emily B opted for hot pink dress, matching Reginae. This made people blast her for allegedly trying to steal the spotlight, and Reginae was quick to defend her by saying, “It wasn’t a memo. Shut up and like the picture or just scroll.”

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