Saving Private Ryans Tom Sizemores sons urge dad to wake up

Tom Sizemore’s twin boys, Jayden and Jagger took to social media and pleaded for their dad to “wake up”. The Saving Private Ryan actor, 61, has been on life support and has not woken up from his coma since he suffered a brain aneurysm on February 18.

Tom’s family are in the process of making an “end of life decision” for the actor, according to a letter obtained by Variety.

The actor fell unconscious on February 18 and was found lying in his home after suffering a brain aneurysm.

He remains in a coma as the family prepares to make the heart wrenching decision for him.

Taking to Instagram Stories earlier this week, his sons shared a candid photo of the actor, and captioned the post: “wake up dad. don’t leave me like this.”

In another throwback photo, the teens captioned the post: “This is for family and friends. I have not been active on social media or in school.

“My dad is unfortunately on life support and is fighting for his life right now. Me and my dad never really had gotten too close but he is my father. I’m not asking for sympathy, just your prayers, thank you.”

Tom’s 17-year-old twin boys have continued to share their love for their dad.

In an emotional post by Jayden, the teen wrote: “I’m so numb dad. Please lord tell me this is only a bad dream, give me the strength my dad would want me to carry, this was never supposed to happen.


“I’ve been thriving dad, trusting the process, embracing adversity and chasing my dreams like you always wanted for me. All you wanted was for me to have an opportunity to succeed and evolve into the best version of myself.”

The post continued: “We bumped heads because we’re so much alike.

“I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you when u needed it most. You can’t go like this, wake up dad, please don’t leave me like this.”(sic)

Jagger also shared a number of throwback pictures of the boys with their dad from when they were kids.

In one post he wrote: “Rest up soon dad, life’s crazy and it won’t rain forever, you’ll be in a better place soon and thank you everyone for your prayers.”

Jayden and Jagger were born in 2005 and are the twin sons of Tom and Janelle McIntire.

A statement written by Tom’s manager Charles Lago reads: “Doctors informed his family that there is no further hope and have recommended an end of life decision.

“The family is now deciding end-of-life matters and a further statement will be issued on Wednesday.”

The statement concluded: “We are asking for privacy for his family during this difficult time and they wish to thank everyone for the hundreds of messages of support, and prayers that have been received.

“This has been a difficult time for them.”

The Saving Private Ryan actor collapsed in his Los Angeles home, and once he arrived at the hospital, it was determined that he had suffered a brain aneurysm as a result of a stroke.

The actor has remained in a critical condition ever since and has been placed in a coma in the intensive care unit.

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