Scott Disick Talks Dating Younger Women on 'KUWTK' Reunion

Scott Disick‘s apparent inclination to date women much younger than him is pure coincidence and not even his doing — so says the guy himself, who’s got a helluva explanation.

The Lord gave a little insight into what seems to have been a trend these past few years with his famed SOs — the last two of whom have been about 20 years his junior, give or take. Of course, we’re talking about Sofia Richie and his current boo, Amelia Hamlin.

The former is 22 now, but started seeing Scott when she was around 19 … which is exactly how old SD’s new GF, Amelia, was just a few short weeks ago, before hitting the big 2-0. Of course, during the ‘Keeping Up’ reunion Sunday … host Andy Cohen had to ask about it.

Check it out for yourself … Scott denies he goes after young women specifically, but notes there IS some sort of pursuit happening. Although, apparently, it’s the other way around … and the reason he offers is hilarious.

While we’re on the topic of our Lord and Savior — there were other juicy moments from the fan-driven Q&A that are also worth seeing … including lingering questions people had about Scott and Kourtney’s relationship, and the huge “what if” folks have wondered about for years now.

It seems their chapter has officially come to a close … but that doesn’t mean anyone’s sour. On that note, watch how Scott reacts to whether he’s chill with Kourtney and Travis Barker.

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