Sean Garrett Says Adopting AI May Rub Out Real Human Artists

Sean Garrett is more than a little leery about adopting AI in the studio, because if it comes down to us versus the machines — as many fear it eventually will — he’s always riding with us.

We caught up with the prolific producer/songwriter Tuesday in NYC, and he admits he’s curious about using the artificial software, but not to the point where it overshadows the human contribution.

Sean’s been a part of some huge records — such as Usher‘s “Yeah,” Nelly‘s “Grillz” and multiple Beyonce jams — and doesn’t think that success could have been duplicated with a ghost in the computer.

Or as he puts it, “If it ain’t from the soul, that s**t ain’t real.”

Universal Music Group recently enacted the takedown of an AI-generated Drake and Weeknd track that had millions of views before its removal from streaming services, but more songs — several from AI-Drizzy — keep springing up like weeds!!!

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