Selena Gomez’s Long Braided Pony In The "Look At Her Now" Music Video Is Goals

Oh, you thought Selena Gomez was only dropping one song this week? Newsflash, honey: She dropped two! And while both are bops, I’d argue that Selena Gomez’s long braided pony in the "Look At Her Now" music video is the true star of the show. Talk about a comeback look! A longtime brunette, Gomez went blonde just once back in 2017, so seeing some lighter strands woven into her rope-like ponytail had me shook. She’s really here to slay in 2019 and 2020, y’all!

Just days ago, Gomez dropped her first single in a hot minute, and "Lose You To Love Me" is definitely the breakup power ballad I was expecting. What I wasn’t expecting? For Gomez to then drop a second new single and music video, the poppy, Ariana Grande-esque "Look At Her Now." Fans who weren’t immediately obsessed with the first single will undoubtedly love the second, as the ~I’m better off without you~ single girl anthem is a far cry from "Love You To Love Me" and its moody vibes. Plus, the music video is far more exciting, featuring Gomez and a bevy of backup dancers in black leather, metallic silver, and a sea of ponytail braids.

The hairstyle really lent itself to the choreography, and the ponies bounced around as the dancers moved:

Said dancers all sported brunette strands, while Gomez’s hair was a brown and blonde twist of sorts:

To some, it might not seem like the boldest style, but Gomez has never been particularly adventurous with her hair, so I’d argue this is a lot for her. And more importantly, it looks amazing!

We’re most often used to seeing her with dark brunette locks:

The same hair she’s been rocking since her Wizards of Waverly Place days, to be exact. Here she is in 2007:

Yes, she was blonde in 2017, but even then, it didn’t last long:

Do I think Gomez is blonde again? No, definitely not. Do I think her hairstylist wove some blonde and brown extensions together to create the best braid of 2019 for this music video? Yes, I certainly do.

When Gomez next performs live, I’ve got my fingers crossed this pony will make another appearance. It’s so good:

Considering Elite Daily predicted long, braided ponies would be trending this season, I’m hardly shocked by Selena’s choice of hairstyle, although I do love that she amped it up with the two-tone hue.

Swipe to see Beyoncé’s recent Instagram-breaking braid:

And don’t forget who did it first! Kylie Jenner back in July:

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Want to try the trend yourself? Personally, I like to prep my ponies by ensuring hair looks and feels smooth before I braid, so the R+Co Two Way Mirror Smoothing Oil ($32, is a go-to product for me. However, I also make sure to carry around the brand’s Dart Pomade Stick ($19, when I’m wearing a braid all day, so I can apply product mess-free in case of any rogue strands or flyaway bits. Sometimes, I even coat my fingers in the Dart Stick before I braid, so my hair stays smooth and shiny from the Two Way Mirror Oil, but still gets a little extra hold from the pomade as I go.

Congrats to Selena Gomez on two already-very-successful new singles, and for helping solidify braided ponies as the season’s hottest hairstyle!

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