Simon Cowell gets into hot water as he fibs three times during lie detector test

Simon Cowell got into trouble when he was caught red-handed lying on TV.

The TV sensation, 59, didn't get away with three big fibs he told when he was grilled by Ellen DeGeneres on her chat show which aired on Tuesday.

Britain's Got Talent boss Simon was confident he would beat the lie detector test after he had "road tested" the Burning Questions game with his five-year-old son Eric.

But it quickly became apparent the music mogul would not be able to get away with any white lies.

DeGeneres fired off: "Simon, do you think looks are more important than personality?"

Simon quipped the game was "brilliant" when it detected he was lying when he had answered no.

The X Factor boss also was caught out when he claimed he didn't lie about his age in the past.

Initially, the dad-of-one had candidly revealed he didn't lie about his age anymore but Ellen probed him further to find out he had lied about his age in the past despite claiming he had always been truthful.

Elsewhere in the TV interview, Simon sent shockwaves through the audience when he said he didn't think he was the smartest person in the room.

It turned out he was lying, although Simon looked surprised himself at the revelation.

The chat show host erupted into a series of giggles as she pointed out he had told an untruth. "That was a lie," she added.

Ellen also asked Simon: "Are you a good kisser?" To which he answered he was.

The American Idol judge urged the lie detector: "Come on."

It come back true, at least according to his own mind.

Recently, Simon was very honest when he admitted he had overdone the Botox and so had Amanda Holden.

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