Sofia Franklyn Open To Reconciling With Alex Cooper Over 'Call Her Daddy' Breakup

Sofia Franklyn is opening up about her falling out with Alex Cooper … and while she says she’s up for working things out between them, it won’t be all sunshine and rainbows.

Sofia sat down on the “TMZ Verified” podcast and shared her side of her very public breakup with Alex back when they were co-hosting “Call Her Daddy.”

Looking back, Sofia says there would be a few things she wishes they could have done differently … like being less hot-headed and stubborn … but even if that were the case, she thinks Alex was still willing to “stomp” on her on the way to a $60 million payday.

When the drama was going down, back in 2020, Alex publicly shared her side of the story which got a lot of attention … but Sofia decided to stay silent.

Now that she’s had some time to assess things and look back, Sofia says she would be open to working with Alex on a podcast or some other venture down the road … as long as AC comes to her looking to make things right.

Don’t get it twisted … Sofia explains why any potential reconciliation and collab with Alex would not be a “Kumbaya” situation.

Bottom line for Sofia … she and Alex have both moved on with their lives and careers, but she doesn’t have any hate in her heart for her former podcast partner.

The full ‘Verified’ podcast drops Wednesday … don’t forget to subscribe.

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