The Bachelorette's Jason Tartick Says He Was Hit By A Car While Out Walking His Dog

Jason Tartick is lucky to be alive and (relatively) un-hurt!

The 32-year-old Bachelorette alum had just finished an outing on the golf course on Sunday afternoon when he opted to take a walk with Pinot (pictured with Jason, above), one of the two golden retrievers that he shares with fiancée Kaitlyn Bristowe. She came along on the walk, too, leading the couple’s other dog, Ramen.

Things were normal enough on a beautiful, sunny summer Sunday until Tartick got a little bit behind Bristowe and came up to a cross walk only to get “cranked by a car” while trying to cross the street.


In an emotional Instagram video about the incident posted later on Sunday evening, the entrepreneur recalled the scary moment that he was literally struck by the moving car, saying (below):

“We get the go to walk, we go to walk, and boom! A car comes flying in hot. Sees us, hits the brakes, and cranks me. Absolutely cranks me. … had a red light, but he blew through it to make a right-hand turn. I don’t know what angel was looking over us, I don’t know who was watching our backs. My first response was to lift Pinot back with my left hand and then I just literally put my ass and hip checked into the hood of this minivan. I dented the hood.”

Holy s**t!

Thankfully, Pinot was completely unscathed in the incident. Tartick’s leg bruised up pretty good, but it sounds like things could have been a lot worse. The former reality TV star made it very clear that he wasn’t on his phone while walking in the crosswalk — and being aware actually may have saved him even more serious harm. Who knows what was going on with the guy in the car, though…

After being hit, Bristowe’s fiancé had a HUGE adrenaline rush and a surge of panic come over him. He explained:

“I was so pissed, I slammed the hood. I had some choice words. The guy was apologetic, like, ‘Oh my God. Oh my God.’ And then I just panicked. He stopped. I just took off… I panicked. I looked at myself. I’m so fortunate I was just bruised. My right leg is bruised and my right butt is sore, but that’s it. The luckiest in the world. Got cranked by a car and that’s it.”


Tartick says he did file a police report after the fact — hopefully he got the driver’s license plate number down and the guy can be issued a ticket for reckless driving or something. Ultimately, though, the finance whiz just has a simple request for both drivers and pedestrians, as he shared at the end of the video:

“If you’re a car driving in a city, stop at a red light. Stop! You’ll kill someone! Rule number two is, if you’re on a crosswalk, even if it says go, keep your head on a swivel. If I was texting, I’d probably be dead right now. If I didn’t have my head up to pull him back and turn, who knows what would’ve happened. I’ve never been hit by a car before. I can check that off the list.”

Least desirable bucket list item ever… Here is Tartick’s full video explaining the scary incident while Pinot sits happily next to him:

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For her part, Bristowe admitted she was “still shook” hours after the incident, and added this comment to the crop:

“So glad you guys are OK. I can’t even handle the sound I heard! Everyone be safe out there!”

People are way too crazy on the roads, hurrying and speeding to get places they don’t even want to go. Slow down, everybody! Seriously!

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