The Final ‘Manifest’ Season 2 Promo Will Get You So Excited For The Premiere

After holding the series for a mid-season debut, Manifest is finally ready to return to NBC. The mystery of Flight 828, which has dominated the series since it landed five and a half years after it took off, has already taken several turns over Season 1. But with questions about how long the passengers have to live taking center stage, answers are more critical than ever. But the final Manifest Season 2 promo stubbornly refuses to comply. In fact, the last teaser might set the entire premise back on its heels.

Here are the facts, as presented so far.

  • On Apr. 7, 2013, Montego Air Flight 828 left Jamaica for a routine three-hour flight to New York City
  • On the way, the plane hit sudden, violent turbulence
  • According to all systems, this turbulence did not delay the flight, and it arrived at LGA as scheduled.
  • Except when they disembark, they learn the date is Nov. 4, 2018, five and a half years in the future.

Everything else, from the "callings" to the voices to the visions are subjective. But these four facts listed above are, as far as everyone understands it, immutable.

Or are they? The last trailer for Season 2 suggests maybe no one knows anything at all.

Now, chances are, this is not proof the plane crashed, and the survivors are some sort of ghosts, a la Lost. From the way Michaela, Ben, and Saanvi see the ash in their respective spots and then blink and find themselves together on a crashed plane, this is most likely a shared "calling."

That seems even more likely when Ben notes several people lying dead weren’t passengers on the fated flight. These are people who are in danger. Some of them were passengers, but some were not. And it’s up to Michaela, Saanvi, and Ben to solve this riddle before a lot of people die.

If anything, it seems like visions on the plane are going to be a big part of the upcoming season. Note this clip of Michaela and Zeke features him on the flight, even though he was never a passenger.

Those who are fans of Michaela and Jared as a couple might be heartened at what looks like the end of Zeke. But Manifest continues to be sneaky over who lives and who dies in this series. Better to wait for actual proof if this is the end of Michaela’s love triangle or not.

Manifest Season 2 begins on Monday, Jan. 6, at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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