The Rock Hit The Gym A Little TOO Hard This Time – See The Bloody Injury Video!

This dude does NOT mess around in the gym… and he’s got the injuries to prove it!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posted a seriously concerning video to his Instagram account on Monday, showing off a nasty injury right above his left eye, with blood dripping down his face and all!

Ever the tough guy, the former wrestler-turned-movie superstar didn’t bat an eye (pun intended) at the bloody mess, instead opting to “keep training and stitch it up later — rules of the house.” Well, after tasting his blood first, that is. No, seriously! And he’s not shy about it!

Ch-ch-check out The Rock’s unique method for getting past injuries (below) — though be warned if it might make you queasy, there is a little bit of blood in this video:



We ain’t playin’ tiddlywinks and we ain’t reciting nursery rhymes – it’s called the #ironparadise for a reason and things get extremely intense. Threw around my 50lb chains ⛓ for a drop set – I got lumped up and need stitches ???????? Taste your blood, keep training and stitch up later – rules of the house. And I can confirm my blood tastes like Teremana, calluses and BlaMoan (black and samoan) Hot Sauce???????????????????? Have a productive week, my friends – keep it light and a lil’ fun, but get after it like a MF. #teamchaingang #blamoanhotsauce

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Just another day in the gym with the toughest celeb out there! For the record, though, we’ll stick to tiddlywinks if that’s what his workouts are like! LOLz!

Don’t think Kevin Hart‘s BFF is all one-dimensional, though; as you can see (below) in a separate IG post he also shared on Monday, the superstar has a softer side, too!

Here he is celebrating his beloved momma’s birthday with the whole family there in tow:



Happy Birthday @atajohnson aka Mama Rock ????❤️???????? Beautiful birthday weekend as we all celebrated my mom’s big day. We go down this unpredictable road of life and we never know what’s around the corner – so we do our best to treat every day for what it is – a true blessing. And no one epitomizes that philosophy more than my mom. She’s a survivor so every single day, she lives life to the fullest and is a shining beacon of love, joy and kindness. And my favorite part of this video is my ???? child Jazzy blowing out all the candles and @laurenhashianofficial coming in strong with the sweet harmonies ???????????????? Happy Birthday, Mom! We love you!! #birthdayblessings #family ❤️

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Awww! Cutest thing ever! Insanely tough AND amazingly sweet… get you a man who can do both! Ha!

Seriously, though, what’s up with tasting the blood?! Did he have to do that?? Too intense for our workout goals! We’ll just cheer him on while watching from a lounge chair on the side, or something. LOLz!!

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