Todd Chrisley Having MAJOR Prison Problems – Bad Enough That His Lawyer Is Demanding House Arrest!

Todd Chrisley isn’t happy with how he’s being treated in prison.

And yeah, we get it, your first response to hearing that lede is probably “well, yee f**king haw, Todd! It’s prison!”

But according to the Chrisley Knows Best alum’s attorney, the situation is way worse than just the usual prison problems. As in, Todd’s fame is supposedly the reason he’s being singled out and mistreated on multiple fronts!!

On Friday morning, the 54-year-old reality TV veteran’s lawyer Jay Surgent spoke to TMZ. According to the report, Surgent claims there have recently been “some odd occurrences” involving Todd during his incarceration at Federal Prison Camp Pensacola in the Florida panhandle.

For one, Surgent said Todd believes someone may have taken his photo “while he was sleeping.” Which, WHOA!! Todd is not the first famous prisoner to accuse inmates and/or guards of taking surreptitious shots while on the inside!

And in another ongoing issue, Julie Chrisley‘s husband apparently “hasn’t been receiving any mail” so far while serving his 12-year sentence. It’s not for lack of letters senders, either; Todd “thinks it’s getting destroyed” on purpose by someone on the inside, according to his attorney!


Things get worse from there, too. According to Surgent, Todd’s living conditions are “terrible,” with “bad plumbing, possible mold, and no AC to help combat the brutal heat” of a swampy north Florida summer. Surgent also stated Julie is dealing with equally bad living conditions at her prison up in Lexington, Kentucky.

That would seem to echo what Todd’s children Savannah and Chase Chrisley recently said on Savannah’s podcast. Earlier this week, the two adult Chrisley children collectively slammed the Bureau of Prisons over their alleged mistreatment of prisoners at both facilities. And they cited some of the same issues, like dangerous mold and a lack of air conditioning to help get inmates through the long, hot summer. So, it would seem Surgent is making a push to have those issues further known and spread.

That’s not the only thing Todd’s attorney is doing, though. The TMZ report also notes the lawyer has submitted an application to have Todd switched from prison to home confinement. The news outlet claims the hope for that is “unlikely,” but if conditions really are that bad in prison, we suppose it’s worth a shot to try for it over another decade-plus behind bars.

As for the BOP, they actually did offer a brief response to the news org when asked about Todd and Julie’s living conditions. Specifically regarding the lack of air conditioning, the federal organization stated:

“ contingency plans to address a large range of concerns … including ventilation temperatures.”

So, not much of an actionable reply there. But at least the other inmates like Todd??

For now, the USA Network alum and his attorney are trying to “explore all legal avenues to address the prison conditions,” per the news outlet. But TBH, something tells us Todd probably shouldn’t get his hopes up by expecting that many major moves are going to be made on his behalf. Just saying!

What do U make of these purported prison problems, Perezcious readers?

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