Tom Jones urged to ‘look after himself’ by Zoe Ball after croaky voice on her BBC show

Bob Geldof tells BBC to ‘wise up’ during interview with Zoe Ball

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Sir Tom Jones, 81, left Zoe Ball concerned this morning, as he sounded unwell on her BBC Radio 2 show. The Welsh star’s voice appeared to be hoarse and at points, he coughed continuously while introducing his latest single on airwaves.

Towards the end of their chat, radio host Zoe said: “Tom take care my darling, look after yourself, have you had your booster by the way?”

Thankfully, Sir Tom revealed he had received his third booster jab to protect him against the deadly effects of the coronavirus.

He responded: “Oh yes, I’m a triple booster. I’ve got the three.”

It is unclear why Tom has a cough, however, there has been a surge in the number of common cold infections as autumn has arrived.

According to Public Health England, there is no particularly nasty new virus doing the rounds, but as cases rise, experts warn that people can expect more frequent infections and more serious symptoms now the UK is emerging from lockdown.

Common colds and other respiratory tract infections tend to ramp up in September when the schools go back and autumn arrives, but after 18 months of social distancing and mask-wearing, many people are thought to have weaker immune defences to protect themselves against the onslaught of respiratory viruses.

With reduced immunity across the board, people may fall ill with viruses they would normally have fended off with little trouble, or develop co-infections that make them feel more poorly.

This is particularly likely if the viruses that have been kept at bay by anti-Covid measures all bounce back at once.

“We don’t know what we’re going to see with common colds this season,” said Prof Ronald Eccles, former director of the Common Cold Centre at Cardiff University.

“We’re seeing this increase now, but the whole system has been knocked out of kilter by the fact that we’ve been socially distancing and wearing masks, and children have not had that immunity over the past year or so.”

However, Sir Tom is not one to take medical warnings lightly, as he admitted he ignored his doctor’s warnings after they told him to “slow down”, amid a battle with a urinary infection back in 2018.

The Sex Bomb hitmaker did not listen to advice to rest up after being treated for the condition in hospital.

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Instead, the rock star was determined to get back to performing, as he observed “slowing down is what kills you”.

Speaking on his health scare, Tom said: “The doctor told me, ‘You’re 78, you shouldn’t be running about on stage now, should you?’

“I was a bit angry at that. I told him, ‘Just because it stings when I pee, that’s got nothing to do with whether I can sing.’

“I felt great then, and I feel great now. I shouldn’t slow down. Slowing down is what kills you,” he told the Daily Express.

However, despite his protestations, the doctors still believed Tom was not well enough to carry on performing due to his older age, which could slow recovery.

Relaying the doctor’s response to him after voicing that he was feeling better, the hitmaker told Jen Long on her podcast Talk The Line: “‘Ah well you know at your age.’ I think I was 78 then, ‘What are you worried about now? You shouldn’t be worrying about it’.”

However, the main reason for the singer’s determination to recover quickly was so he could entertain audiences.

He added: “I don’t want to let people down! I’ve got shows to do. So he tried to tell me to, ’Slow down’ but I don’t want to slow down!”

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