Tom Riley Mortified When His Chewing Gum Fell Onto a Man’s Penis

The actor is left extremely embarrassed when his chewing gum tumbled down and accidentally bounced off another man’s penis when he went to restroom during a break.

AceShowbiz -Actor Tom Riley was left red-faced after watching his chewing gum bounce off another man’s penis during a toilet break at a theatre.

Riley’s wife Lizzy Caplan went public with the embarrassing tale during an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Thursday night, October 17, revealing she still finds the story hilarious, and loves to share it.

“He’s extremely polite (with) excellent, impeccable manners, but that’s not what I like about him,” the actress said, beginning the tale about her British husband. “I like that he tends to get into, like, the most embarrassing, humiliating situations on earth. When they occur in England, because of the polite society, it’s like 10 times better.”

She then recalled his pale face as he returned to his seat after the bathroom break, adding, “He’s just looking straight ahead… white as a ghost. I could see in his face that what he was about to tell me was a gift. It would bring me endless joy forever.”

“He said that he was at the urinal and he went to spit his gum into said urinal… but it got caught. He said, ‘It got caught on my lip and then it tumbled down. And then, I followed it with my eyes and then, almost as if it were in slow motion, I saw it bounce off the man standing next to me’s penis.’ “

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