Tony Hadley saw comedian snorting cocaine in secret Freddie Mercury room

Freddie Mercury threw some epic parties.

Tony Hadley, the former Spandau Ballet singer, reveals he once walked in on Not the Nine O’Clock News’ Mel Smith snorting a line of cocaine, in a secret room off the Queen star’s bedroom.

Freddie had dragged pal Tony up to show off his new carpet, which set him back “tens of thousands”.

“At Fred’s house in Kensington, he’s having a bit of a party,” recalls Tony.

“There were beautiful mirrored walls either side. He pushes one door and there’s a lovely bathroom, and he pushes the other door and there’s Mel Smith doing a line of coke.

"Mel said: ‘Alright, Tone, alright Fred? You want some of this?’ I said, I’m alright, thanks.”

Tony, who has never taken drugs, laughed as he remembers Freddie proudly parad­­ing his new flooring. “Freddie said: ‘Darling, look at the carpet! No joins!’

“I said: ‘That’s lovely’,” Tony added laughing, while taking fans on a trip back in time on Floating Festivals’ 1980s- themed Throwback cruise.

“That was Freddie. He was the loveliest man.”

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