Victoria Beckham Looks Back at 2019 With Gratitude in New Year’s Eve Post

Noting on what she has accomplished in the past decade, the former Spice Girls member thanks fans and her team for continuous support on her ambitious journey.

AceShowbizVictoria Adams is reflecting on a terrific 2019 as she rings in the New Year with her family.

The former Spice Girls star-turned-fashion mogul is celebrating an amazing year on Instagram, posting photos from the last 12 months and thanking fans for supporting her ambitions.

“What a year!” Beckham writes. “I’m so grateful to the community that has supported me this past decade. In 2000, I dreamed big and in 2019 I dared to dream even bigger…”.

“I launched @VictoriaBeckhamBeauty, with my co-founder and good friend @sarah.creal, as well as partnerships with @Reebok and @Sothebys… And like the @spicegirls we went on tour! From Berlin to NYC, Dubai to LA, Doha to San Francisco, I met some inspirational leaders… And so many of you all high-kicked the #VBPose…”

Victoria’s flexibility went viral in 2019 with her leg-raise pose.

“2019 will also be known as the #cooltobekind year and I continue my work as a @UNAidsglobal ambassador,” she adds, while taking time to note her family achievements: “@davidbeckham and I have come a long way – we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary and every day my family makes me the proudest mum – I love u so much @brooklynbeckham @romeobeckham @cruzbeckham #HarperSeven (sic).”

The “Wannabe” hitmaker ended her New Years Eve message by stating: “Thank you all again and #TeamVB for continuing to support me on this journey. I wish everyone a happy 2020!”.

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