Watch Pete Davidson Nearly Ruin His Tan France Makeover With a Bacon Cheeseburger and Fries

Tan France has expanded his style repertoire yet again, this time by styling Pete Davidson on his YouTube Netflix series Dressing Funny. In a previous episode featuring John Mulaney, Tan took some style inspiration from Pete and put together a look that was altogether wrong for John. But this time around, Tan created a John-inspired look for Pete, and the comedian seemed pretty impressed. “A very very f*ckable outfit,” Pete said. As much as he appreciated the outfit, Pete threw caution to the wind when hunger struck, and he took a less-than-careful bite of a bacon cheeseburger while wearing his snazzy new look. Watch the full video to see what happened when Pete committed the ultimate fashion crime and tried to use his jacket sleeve as a napkin.

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