Who was Jonathan Scott’s first wife?

Jonathan Scott split from his ex, Jacinta Kuznetsov, in April 2018, as reported by People at the time. However, the Property Brothers star is no stranger to heartbreak, having already suffered through a failed marriage previously. As he discussed in a 2017 interview with People, Scott met Kelsy Ully, an airline-crew scheduler back in 2007. He relocated from Canada to Las Vegas, and the two soon got hitched.

The Property Brothers star admitted, “There was sort of a rush going into it. She wanted to get married on 07/07/07 …so it wasn’t something that naturally happened.” Just two years after tying the knot, the couple parted ways. According to the Scotts’ memoir, It Takes Two: Our Story, it was Ully’s job at a day club that led to the dissolution of their marriage. 

Although Scott was heartbroken, he gained a lot from the experience, telling People, “I think that one of the biggest things I learned is that you can have two good people who are just not good for each other. I’m glad that we found that out early. You know, we didn’t have kids or anything. And it really helped me understand what I wanted in a relationship.”

It wasn’t an easy divorce, however, as In Touch revealed later that same year. Scott and Ully battled each other for four years in court, after the reality star found out they were breaking up… on Facebook. “[She changed] her relationship status from married to blank,” he wrote in It Takes Two: Our Story, noting, “The pain ended up outlasting the marriage.” 

Although the Property Brothers star no longer resents Ully, In Touch obtained court documents detailing how ugly the split was. The issue was a legal document drawn up by Scott’s mother, which Ully claimed to have only signed under duress, and which covered the sale of the couple’s Canadian home. Ully claimed to have been threatened by Scott, while he insisted the document was legally binding. The court eventually upheld it, but also enforced an amendment to supplement what Ully received.

As for Ully herself, she remains something of a mystery. In 2018, Your Tango dug up a Twitter account allegedly linked to her, but it’s since been deleted. She may simply be trying to lay low to avoid rabid Property Brothers fans. 

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