Why Megan Markle isnt wearing £156k engagement ring amid split rumours

The real reason Meghan Markle reportedly stepped out without her engagement ring from Prince Harry has been revealed.

In a snap of the Duchess of Sussex enjoying a day out with friends for a belated birthday dinner, the actress opted not to wear her £156k engagement ring.

Harry gave the sparkler to Meghan after the couple got engaged six years ago, but after she was seen without it, some Royal fans speculated if recent rumours of trouble in paradise between the pair could be true.

While dining out with her friends Kadi Lee and Cleo Wade, the Duchess's diamond ring was noticeably replaced with an understated gold band instead.

But now a source has revealed the 'real reason' why Meghan's ring was missing, telling Page Six that the couple are not on the rocks and Meghan is just 'getting her ring fixed'.

The stunning sparkler was designed especially for Markle and features a single diamond from Botswana, alongside two smaller stones from his late mother Princess Diana's collection.

Harry reportedly customised the ring himself with the help of luxury jewellery experts from Cleves and Company.

This comes as the couple has been hit with months of divorce rumours, with speculation that the couple may be on the rocks.

RadarOnline claimed that the Sussexes are currently 'taking time apart' to heal and rebuild their bond. However, a source close to the couple rubbished the rumours, telling Page Six: 'It's not true, it's literally made up.'

It comes as a Royal expert spoke to OK! about how Meghan Markle can relate to Harry's late mother Diana after feeling like an 'outsider' within the Royal Family

Both Meghan and Diana married into the family before facing challenges adapting to life in the monarchy.

Historian, writer, and broadcaster Tessa Dunlop spoke exclusively to OK! and said while Diana had an 'advantage over Meghan,' there are a number of similarities between the pair that are relatable.

Explaining this, Tessa said: "Diana was posh, but that meant she understood the eccentric nature of aristocracy. Meghan comes from America, so I can understand that it's unfamiliar, whereas for Diana, it would be absolute second nature in a way.

"Her father went on the Commonwealth tour with the Queen, the families were close (the Spencers and the Royal Family). In that respect, Diana spoke the language of royalty and aristocracy in a way that Meghan didn't, and that was an advantage."

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