Will Poulter Reveals an Awkward Conversation He Had With a Fan While at a Urinal, & It Involved Toy Story

Will Poulter opened up about an awkward conversation he had with a fan while in the bathroom.

The 30-year-old Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 star looked back on the interaction during a recent interview and in the process explained how there was a Toy Story connection.

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Speaking to Lights, Camera, Barstool, Will listed the conversation as his “weirdest fan interaction.”

“I was at a urinal, and a gentleman asked me to list some of the things I’d been in,” he shared. “I can’t answer that without sounding like an a–hole, so I didn’t list any of the things I’d been in.”

After he danced around the question, the man insisted that he knew Will from Toy Story, implying that he played the animated next door neighbor Sid.

“I was like, ‘How do I explain that the character was animated, that [the movie] came out in 1996,” he said. “He was very sweet about it, but I think he was just a bit discombobulated. And I was also urinating at the time so I was a bit discombobulated by the question.”

There was no bad blood, though. Will said that they took a photo together “once hands had been washed.”

Do you know what Will has lined up as his next project? Here’s a hint: He’ll star in it alongside Jacob Elordi!

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