10 Schitt's Creek Scenes That Are Pure Stevie Perfection

10 Schitt’s Creek Scenes That Are Pure Stevie Perfection

Stevie Budd is incredibly underrated. The sassy, sarcastic motel front-desk clerk on Schitt’s Creek may start out as just that, but as the show goes on, she becomes such an integral part of the Rose family, despite not being related by blood. She becomes David’s best friend and Johnny’s right hand at the motel, always firing off a perfectly delivered line that is so drenched in dry humor, you have to be careful you don’t miss it. Her character also grows so much by the end, becoming this strong woman who sets aside her fears to go after a bigger and better life — and it was all handled so beautifully by Emily Hampshire. While it’s incredibly tricky to pick out Stevie’s best and most sarcastic moments, I did find 10 of my favorite scenes from her six seasons on the show. Check them out in the gallery ahead.

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