19 Pictures That Prove We All Basically Had The EXACT Same Childhood

1.We all had water powers:

2.We all HAD to draw the sun in the corner:

3.We all thought this was illegal:

4.We all thought we were going to grow a tree:

5.We all were convinced we could shove them together:

6.We all counted them off:

7.We all stabbed the hell out of an eraser:

8.We all put our head against the bus window and felt the “thump thump thump”:

9.We all know someone who used this EXACT alarm clock:

Probably your mom or grandma.

10.We all put a bunch of glue on our hands and peeled it off like this:

11.We all had this irrational fear:

12.We all tried to get ’em all down:

13.We all believed the legend:

14.We all thought we would die in a storm:

(Although, it’s actually not recommended to do this during a storm. So don’t.)

15.We all spent half of class running our finger along the wall like this:

16.We all know how powerful this sandwich is:

17.We all thought we’d have to escape someday:

18.We all hung out at this exact spot at least one time:

19.We all thought we’d be permanently stuck that way:

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