19 Things That Aged Very, Very Poorly

1.This article about two “no-names” cast as Thor and Loki:

2.This magazine cover:

3.This old Tumblr post about the “other” Olsen sister:

4.This 2007 headline about the first iPhone:

5.Literally everything in this thread about Robert Downey Jr. being cast as Iron Man:

“This was disappointing news that Robert Downey Jr. was cast. The movie is guaranteed ‘lame’ now.”

“Give me a day and I can come up with 10 better for the role.”

6.This simple explanation of Google in 1999:

7.This quote from Boris Johnson…who is now Britain’s PM.

8.This 1998 prediction:

9.This person’s Facebook post…and the same person’s Facebook life event three years later:

10.This “confirmation” about the Avatar sequel:

11.This book from 1975 with a very emphatic prediction:

12.This quote from a toy company exec who was NOT concerned:

13.This comment on a Netflix commercial from 2006:

14.This contest, which was a terrible idea to begin with:

15.And speaking of asbestos…

16.This quote from a Batman comic, back when “boner” meant “mistake”:

17.These campaign slogans for Richard Nixon:

18.This tweet from Felicity Huffman, who was part of the college admissions scandal:

19.And this comment from two years ago that…actually aged pretty well:

H/T to r/agedlikemilk

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