A.P.C. FW23 Doesn't Wear You, You Wear It

For its first post-pandemic runway show, A.P.C. presents a show that respects originality, authenticity, and individualistic personalities. Titled “Maman Je Sors Ce soir,” or “Mom, I’m Going Out Tonight,” the Fall/Winter 2023 display was cast using volunteers, enlisting high school seniors from Lycée Diagonale in Paris where Judith and Jean Touitou‘s daughter attends.

As a result, the collection felt honest — the models were wearing A.P.C. as you very well could, bringing a sense of normality to the opulence and theatrics that often permeate the Paris Fashion Week calendar. But that is very fitting with A.P.C., a brand that is renowned for creating essential uniforms perfected in fine materials, clean cuts and minimalistic branding.

Speaking on the show, Jean Touitou said: “The young people walking the runway are like our war veterans. They experienced the raging of the hormones in the parents’ bunker during the Covid crisis. They will be the flame of this show.”

Indeed they were, projecting either preppy notions or punkish undertones in their swagger. Trench coats conflicted with Butler jeans, as did the popped-collar denim shirt tucked into formal pleated pants, or navy blue suits worn loose, open and unrestricted with a signature white T-shirt and a bandana around the neck, like an accent of youthful energy.

Elsewhere, a floral apron dress worn beneath a cardigan served Kurt Cobain realness, while the awkward buttoning of a checkered shirt, an oversized leather and shearling jacket, and a cheetah print vest all brought together the grungey goodness.

Take a look at A.P.C.’s FW23 runway show above, and check out more from Paris Fashion Week FW23 here.

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